Under Maintenance?

Hi! I keep getting a maintenance notice every time I’m trying to publish Speckle to food4rhino (i know it’s been a while, but we’re less scared of feature requests now, so we can probably handle publishing it there :sweat_smile:).

I’ve tried last evening, last night, and today (now), and I keep getting the same message. Not sure if maybe I’m doing something wrong in filling things out! Maybe there’s a time frame for the maintenance?

Hi Dimitrie,

It’s not in maintenance so it may be an error that leads you to the maintenance url… Try to publish with the minimum information to see what happens (the apps are not public until we approve, so no fear of just posting a simple word as description)


Hey @fran! Greetings from London, and wishing I was in Barcelona. @fraguada was just now handholding me through the process, and we got it to work with what you told us - I’ve stripped everything to the minimum.

And Luis just reproduced the issue: there were emojis in the text. Works well with no emojis :sunglasses: (<- this was one of the offending emojis).

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