Uploading plugin on food4rhino

I tried to upload my grasshopper plugin on foodforrhino.com
I filled in all necessary details

It says ’ Your content is not yet published '.
I have seen youtube videos where plugins were immediately published after they submitted, Let me know if i did something wrong or if this is it.


Thanks for having uploaded your app to food4Rhino. After a review from our team (this is the process), we’ll approve the listing.

Thanks for yopur patience, regards


Your content is now online. Content can’t be immediately published after first submission as a human must revise it.



Did you mean “review”?

Probably, not sure the difference between those 2 words

Still staying in English because that’s all I know:

Revise means making changes (revisions) to something.

Review means taking another look (as in proofreading). Reviewing might also include revising, but they are separate concepts.