Unclean, strange view in perspective mode

Hi there,

since a few days the perspective mode is quite strange, the view is like a irregular clipping plane through the building (but they are all off) and all the lines appearing longer than they are actually, which males everything appear very unclean. Check the attached sreenshot…

Does anybody know what happened?


Rhino Problem.pdf (469.9 KB)

Hi Steffi -

Does that mean that this somehow changed all of a sudden? If so, do you recall what might have triggered that?

There’s not much we can do with a screenshot. Could you post the 3dm file? If you’d rather not post it publicly, you can upload it on Rhino - Upload to Support - make sure to copy the URL of this thread into the comments field.

okay, thanks for the fast reply. I uploaded the file. There´s also some problem with the viewports, you will see when opening the file…

thanks in advance!