Unbend mesh_3D scanned geometry

3d scan geometry is little bit bend and I am trying to straighten up. I have came across some mesh bending posts and tutorials but in this case that isn’t really helping. Please see images below

I would like to acheive something like this.

script I made gives this

However 3d-scan geometry I have is much more complex which is slightly bend (geometry is in attached file).

Is there a way I can use kangaroo to solve this (I am confused what should be the contraints ), any helpful tips much appreciated.

find attached Rhino and gh fileBendSimpleTry_Rh6.gh (21.9 KB) BendSimpleTry_Rh6.rar (16.5 MB)

Thank you for your time.

Hi @obhagwat29
I don’t really understand why you’d need to use Kangaroo simulation for this.
It looks like it could maybe be done with either Rhino’s Bend deformer or CageEdit commands.

If you need a cage that starts out curved and then you straighten it, you could also look at the Mesh Cage Morph component in Grasshopper. There are some examples on this thread.

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