Unable To Use Any Grasshopper Components - Grasshopper Breakpoint

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for looking at my post.

At the moment, I’m seeing this notification on my screen and am unable to use any component in grasshopper at all.

I’m not really sure what has caused this and I don’t have any knowledge at all on how to troubleshoot such a problem. I’m hoping it will be easy to fix, but if someone’s come up with the same problem and could please guide me on how I can fix this, that would be amazing.

Thank you in advance!

If you open a file, do those components load?

There’s a weird checkmark in that error message, overlaying some text. I assume that’s really there and it wasn’t added afterwards?

Are there any plug-ins installed?

Apologies for the late reply David!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really figure out what was causing the problem. We figured that the problem may have been on where certain system files were being saved.

In the end, we just re-installed Rhino and the Grasshopper plug-ins.

It would have been good to figure out what was causing the problem, in case others came up against the same situation.

Thank you again for engaging David, appreciate it.