Unable to try Rhino 6 WIP, Plug-ins FaroArm freeze

Had a little time to try out V6 WIP but didn’t get very far. WIP crashed on Preparing Plug-ins for Use of “Usb FaroArm object”. Rhino thereafter will not respond, will not close. Safe mode however does load and work though not optimal to try to get comfortable and test features.

Any ideas folks?

The installer bug is being worked on and you can follow progress here: RH-39148

In the meanwhile, I suppose that you could enable load protection on that plug-in when you are in Safe Mode. That will likely allow you to work normally afterwards and let you test features.

Hi Stephan - did you get this working? You may need to start Rhino in Safe Mode to disable the plug-in. You can do this from the Windows Start menu - type Rhinoceros and you should see entries for Rhinoceros in Safe Mode. Any luck?