Unable to sort a geometry in chronological order

I’ve created a set of geometries which will be fabricated however they are not listed in chronological order. As a result when I want to orient the geometries on xy plane for fabrication, the peices are disorganized. I tried using a sort list component but had no luck. Attached are screen shots and definition.

062621_Sorting List of items in Chronological Order.gh (80.6 KB)

Hi @shihabn,

Your grasshopper file contains quite a few components, but there is virtually no documentation or overview. You have turned preview off for just about every element. For someone else to understand what your program is doing is going to take a lot of work (and if you return to it in a few months time you will face the same struggle). Maybe you’ll find someone who enjoys the challenge of working it out, but I’m afraid I cannot spare enough time for this.

What I can offer is a suggestion: if you really don’t have, or want to spend, time to make the meaning readily apparent, make a new program that simplifies the problem. Have a short list of surfaces ready laid out in a line. Just generate numbers for them. When that works look at how it differs from the problematic model, particularly in terms of how the tree structures change as you progress from control to control.



you could try and evaluate the areacentroid of each and then sort by x values. keys x vals, objects to sort: objects


otherwise you’d need to look in which order the volumes are created, but as Jeremy mentionned, it might be simpler to help you if you give some more indications.

hope this helps


at the very beginning of your definition you have a cluster that outputs several lists of curves, but some of them are flattened while other are grafted in branches:

if you separate each data branch in 15 branches, (0 to 14) in such a way all curves at index 0 from all the inputs will be at branch 0, all the curves at index 1 will go into branch 1… and so on, you sort-of organize data, and keep data together in a consistent way (assuming your previous inputs are also well organized, which looks like they are) :

as natural result of that, also your final geometries for fabrication will be well organized :+1:

062621_Sorting List of items in Chronological Order_Re.gh (85.6 KB)

long story short, it’s just a matter of organization and good practices :slight_smile:

[edit] in particular, using shift to plug several wires into the same input is something I don’t personally consider good practice, because it does not allow you to well control the resulting data tree, and also does not show other people the order you have connected things
I always prefere to use merge/entwine for showing at glance how inputs are organized


OMG, I goofed writing this definition! Yeah it was a simple problem and thanks for taking time to review the definition. Also thanks for providing input into using a merge component to keep groups organized.