Unable to set Lens Length

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Having used Alt+Ctrl+Shift + RMB to dynamically set the lens length, I find it impossible to set it through the Lens Length field on the Properties tab. I try to select the current value but the cursor jumps to the beginning of the field and any keyboard input is deleted and ignored.

Works OK for me in (6.0.17024.22391, 24/01/2017), I can change the lens length by typing a value on the properties box.

Running (6.0.17024.22391, 2017-01-24) here as well.
Could you just post a simple file that works for you so I can try that here?

same build as Rodri here, and it works fine via properties.

the cursor always jumps to the right if it is not the “first” click from the viewport into any field, but I can still set the values.

yep, exactly

lenslength4wim.3dm (25.6 KB)

ScreenShot video:
LensLength.zip (149.0 KB)

Also, I expect Shift + Tab to hop ‘upwards’ from field to field (and regular Tab to hop downwards). But here that hops downwards only. So at some point in that video I select the Height field and tab down to get to the Lens Length field.

No changes in behavior with that file.

Hi Wim -
I’ve seen some dialogs with similar problems, but I think they were all fixed and right now this one is fine, here at least. It is odd that the same build behaves differently on your machine.

OK- the developer says he’ll take a look, he’s got an idea what might be going wrong…


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Hi Wim - just to make sure - are you running any Windows level utilities of any kind that might influence how typing goes? (Shift-Tab should be fixed, by the way…)


Not that I’m aware of, no. (And anything else would be kinda frightening).

Yes… =)

Then one more thing - are there any other dialogs/panels/settings that behave this way? I’d expect the answer to be yes but, just checking - it would be extra-weird if this were the only place it turns up.


Any hints on what I should / could be looking for?

This behaves this way for all the fields in the viewport properties panel.

Apart from that, I’ve now tried the Notes, Groundplane, and BoxEdit panels and they all work as expected (i.e. are not misbehaving).

Hi Wim - thanks, yeah, that is what I meant - so it is, so far, isolated in that one control… Checking with the developer…


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