Unable to select text in Rhino 5

Hello! Am using Dell XPS15 to run Rhino 5. Normal input of text is fine, but I am unable to select it with the normal left click to move it around afterwards. Only able to use SelText, but even this selects all the text annotations at once, and doesn’t allow me to individually deselect each text even while holding down CTRL and left clicking the text. Is there a fix for this? thanks :slight_smile:

Could you please send a file with some text that has this issue?
My guess is the bounding box of the text is somehow messed up.
We should be able to figure it out.

Hello - if annotation is scaled a lot larger or smaller than its nominal size, selection may be difficult.

Is that the case?


sample text.3dm (304.5 KB)

Here it is; not sure if it’s a hardware issue or bug

these are my current settings, which seem to be the same as yours… everything in my SelectionFilter is also checked

I’m not having any problem click selecting any of the text in that file.
Assuming that was exported for us, can you open the same file and do you have selecting problems with it?

I can’t find a problem with the file as of yet.
All the text bounding boxes are correctly sized.

Yep it’s an exported file from the original I’m working on, and yes I do have selecting problems still.
I think it’s a software issue with my computer that affects this function for me in Rhino; is there any possible work around you can suggest? thanks :slight_smile:

Not until I understand the problem.
It seems it’s not related to the file so your system setup is the next most likely.

Can you window select a piece of text?

Is your Windows up to date?
What display adapter are you running?
How many monitors are you running?

Works fine here so far too.


hmm then I think it might be a patch that is missing from my computer (always have this hypertrm.dll error message that pops up when i restart/turn my computer on) although I do not think that is what is causing the issue with Rhino on my setup

windows is up to date, and only 1 monitor (that of my laptop itself)

On the Dell support site for your XPS 15 laptop, are you running their current display drivers?

these are the current settings of my nvidia graphics card, so I suppose I’m running their current display drivers

You would need to visit the support page for you laptop to know if there are updated drivers available.

What you’re seeing there are the settings for your current drivers.