# Unable to project block instances to surface

I’m not talking about this (it’s title should even be updated)! Unable to project block instances to surface - Rhino / Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum

I mean projecting instances to a surface with some normal vector control.
Is that possible without opening the *** Grasshopper?
Do I have to start scripting again?? :frowning:

Just being able to set x, y or z for a instance selection would be nice

1 block instance added to selection.
Command: _ProjectToCPlane
Unable to project 1 object.

SetPt and BoxEdit both allow this with Block Instances.

SetPt doesn’t work on instances. Didn’t know about BoxEdit, Thanks

Hello- in V8/WIP, SetPt acts on block insertion points.


Yes, sorry, I was in the WIP when I checked. But Boxedit works in R7 too, as you’ve seen.

Thanks for the help. It solves it… in this case. Would be nice to have a project_to_surface though… is it there already?