How to project instances to surface?

Do I need to learn coding for that to???

“I’m getting the feeling that you are doing things the hard way…
For me, this entire problem is shouting “Grasshopper” but I guess that’s not an option you are considering at the moment.”
(quoting Unable to project block instances to surface - #5 by wim)

Is the only option given in 2014 still the only one??

what is it that you are actually trying to achieve? have you got any file or screen shots? to clear out any possible misunderstanding, what are instances in your case?

you can also use OrientOnSrf to place instances on a surface. Alternatively you could use one of the scripts I shared (search for sheet metal info thread) to do that, followed by ReplaceBlock

Hi -

You are quoting me out of context…
At least 2 other options were proposed but, in that thread, the OP didn’t return with the specifics of the problem.
Please post a 3dm file and a description of what you are trying to achieve.

Sorry for the late reply, I lost faith…
The roof top is desintegrating…I mean, is one of the options “OrientOnSrf”?
That doesn’t allow to project a scattered selection would it?
Does the other one involves creating one of those Grasshopper confusing node bundles?