Unable to plug in python file

Hi all! I failed to plug in a wasp py file into grasshopper. It said rhino does not support my file. The video below shows what I did!

I also unblocked all the files and restarted rhino, but it didnt work as well!

Do you mind to tell me what went wrong?

Thank you very much!

Hey, let’s see if we can get this cleared up for you!

From the Installation.txt file in the “Wasp 0.2.08” ZIP downloaded from Food4Rhino

  • Copy the folder “Wasp” in the Grasshopper Libraries folder (File -> Special Folder -> Components)
  • Copy the CONTENT of the UserObjects folder into Grasshopper user objects folder (File -> Special folders -> User Objects)
  • Restart Rhino

A few observations from your images…

  • GhPython is included with Rhino 6. You should remove the file “ghpython2.gha” from the Libraries folder.
  • You’ve unzipped the contents of Wasp’s “UserObjects” folder into the Libraries folder, but they need to be in Grasshopper’s UserObjects folder, otherwise Grasshopper can’t load them.
  • The instructions explicitly say to copy the “Wasp” folder to the Libraries folder. I can see a “wasp (2).py” file in the Libraries folder. Remove this file and copy the entire “Wasp” folder again as-is.
  • When restarting Rhino, just close it down and run it again from the desktop shortcut or the start menu. The files in the Libraries and UserObjects folders are loaded automatically by Grasshopper when it starts.

Hi Will! thank you!

Can I ask for the content of the userobjects file, do you mean the entire file? like this?

another question is that all my component palette disappeared, how can I make it pop up again?

After restarting rhino, how can I check whether I successfully inserted Wasp and the user objects?

This also popped up after I restarted rhino. So what should I do?

thank you very much!

In the View menu, is the Component Tabs option enabled?

You shouldn’t need to open this .py file directly. Instead, try opening one of the example files that came with Wasp.

I dont see the example files which comes with wasp! But apparently I think it’s all set? (see attached)

Thanks Will!