Cannot access Food4rhino

I created an account on Food4Rhino as my grasshopper does not have meshfrompoints plugin so I created an account but when I log in I see that my access is denied and that I have to confirm it via my email. But, I never receive the mail.

checked spam? otherwise try again with a different email

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It was there in the spam section. I sent a mail to support and got it activated from their end directly. Thank you so much for the response. gotta love how supporting people are here in the community. I am new to these software so might need a bit of help for some time.

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I can’t validate my account can you please advise?

Hi Neevin,
You should check the spam section in emails. My verification mail was there only.
Otherwise, you can reach out to the support on
I did the same and got a quick response and direct activation from their end

I hope this helps
Best Regards
Aryan Arora

Hi Neevin,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

I confirmed your account directly in our database, please try again to connect.
We are having some issues with Gmail accounts lately. Could you check if our message was in your spam folder and if it is there mark it as non spam? This will help us a lot and will be useful to you if you lose your password anytime in the future.

Best regards,