Unable to Loft Properly, Surface from edge not working, extrusion not working

Hi there, am currently facing this issue where I would like to make “ribs” for this structural shape. Can anyone please help me…And cant seem to figure out how the data are matching each other… Have tried lofting, extruding, edge surface, but they cant seem to work on this surface…Am trying to make like a rib structure for this surface. Could someone help me please…Would really appreciate it.

Issue 6.19.2020|534x500

Rib Structure Problem.3dm (13.2 MB) Rib Structure Problem.gh (7.1 KB)

You could use Ruled Surface: Rib Structure Problem_ME.gh (10.7 KB)

Hi Mark, thanks so much ! Really appreciate it. Wanted to ask is it the dispatch that is actually making the data structure possible for a ruled surface ?

Yes, in this case dispatch gives the vertical edges in list A and the horizontal edges in list B for the initial surface and the offset surface. So you can create a ruled surface with these curves in both directions.

Owh alright, will keep that in mind. Thanks for the help !