Unable to load visualARQ v2.12.5.16169 in RIR v1.9.8217.2883


I have recently updated visualARQ v2.12 and updated RIR v1.9.8217 daily build.
visualARQ v2.12 works well in standalone rhino7, however i cannot load it in the current RIR daily build.

could you please help me out to solve this issue?

thanks in advance.

Hi @park, do you have VRay installed by chance? Have you tried this workaround? VisualArq / Rhino.Inside Revit problem
(It should actually be fixed in latest VRay versions). Let me know how it goes!

@fsalla ,

actually not…we do not use vRay for Rhino…
just wondering how one affects on another plugin?

Hi @park,

Could you please open Rhino and run the attached definition and share a screenshot of what you get on your side?

This is mine.

Environment Variable.gh (29.6 KB)


here is the screenshot from my pc.

thanks for your support!

Hi @park,

It looks like a plugin is removing the C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System path from the PATH environment variable.

We have made some changes in Rhino 7.21 that should improve this situation.

Please update to a 7.21 RC of Rhino to see if this solves the problem on your end.


thanks for your help.
after installing Rhino v7.21, visualARQ works again with RIR.
thanks again!

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