Unable to load DLL 'librhino3dm_native' error at run-time

I’m working on a Revit plugin to convert geometries to NURBS.
After installing rhino3dm v7.7.0 through the Package Manager Console and building successfully, the plugin throws the a Unable to load DLL 'librhino3dm_native' error at run-time at the line where rhino3dm is first used.

the full error message:

Unable to load DLL 'librhino3dm_native': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

I do see these 3 files:
librhino3dm_native.dylib, and
in the same directory as my plugin’s dll. Wondering if I am missing anything here? Or is there any other packages rhino3dm depends on that I am missing.

Moved to Rhino Developer Category so it will be seen.

Are you referring to nuget or is there some other package manager specific to Revit?

librhino3dm_native.dll is the Windows specific native DLL that ships with Rhino3dm and should be loaded by Rhino3dm. I see that it is part of the current shipping nuget package, so there may be some logic bug in Rhino3dm when loaded into Revit.

@eirannejad or @kike do you know of any “gotchas” that could be happening for attempting to load Rhino3dm into Revit?

Hi I’m having the same problem when trying to use the nugget Rhino3dm on a linux machine, version 7.6 was working fine but it fails with 7.11. The librhino3dm_native dll is not found.

Does the 7.6 release still work on your Linux setup?

Hi Steve,
Yes it does. It’s what we are currently using on our servers.