Unable to join

Hello everyone,

can you explain why it’s unable to join all these lines together? For some reasons after command join it’s unable to select perimeter curve as an object and join with others. So the goal is to join them all…

isocurves.3dm (949.9 KB)

I don’t think you quite understand how Rhino works. You can’t join closed curves to open curves, nor open curves to each other if the ends don’t meet within tolerance. What are you trying to do here? What end result are you looking for?

following this tutorial.

Hello- nevertheless, you cannot join closed curves to any other curve. If you fine the exact place in the video where they tell you what to join I cvan take a look.


Maybe CurveBoolean with AllRegions? I wasn’t going to watch the whole video either…

I guess it’s the _group command it can be confusing for some users compared to _join