Unable to assign category Conveyor 4

Hi all,
I just updated my conveyor to version as well as the Rhino Inside. I use Conveyor very often with Rhino. Inside.
Since this update (don’t know if the rhino or conveyor) I just can’t assign categories to the geometry in Rhino, the categories button is empty (even if conveyor did populate the rhino file with the proper layers) see image below. Also, and this is maybe the same issue. If I use the preview button on conveyor, the displayed geometry in Revit, seams out of scale (see second image below).

Any help will be much appreciated.


So apparently my firewall/Antivirus is part of the problem. Once I disable it, I’m able to apply categories to Rhino geometry, but not all categories are present. For instance, lines can’t be categorized as Revit grids nor text can’t be Revit levels. See images below

I’m also getting this message on the Rhino command line. Never seen it before