Conveyor with French Revit and custom families

Hi all,
I’m running the latest version of Revit and Rhino and I’m trying a demo version of conveyor. Right now Conveyor can’t send geometry to Revit. using Rhino.inside or the PG plug-in within Revit.

We have built our own custom Revit templates containing custom families that use french names. Conveyor that runs in an English version of Rhino is not able to send geometry even if, when invoked, conveyor will create rhino layers that have the names of our custom families.

I try it with an empty Revit file as well as a default project and the plug-in seems to work while using Rhino. inside as well as the conveyor plug-in within Revit. It looks, to me, that Conveyor can’t find the proper families when trying to send geometry to our custom Revit template.

Anyone with a similar issue?

Thank you