UI improvement might be considered in the future

I see the most productive way to manage UI is like what Blender did.
Not hoping in V6 but this should be the direction for future Rhinoceros.

Toolbar can be handled similar to Blender.
This is also useful for GH implementations.
This type of interface is very useful for starters as well. First impression is important to attract more users.

Rhinoceros team always works hard and consistent, so this is just for future reference after reading @MattE comment.

Notice that nobody needs a video tutorial about the absolute basics of the Rhino interface. I’m not saying a lot of improvements can’t be made to the Rhino UI, but to me (and not everyone in McNeel shares this opinion) Blender is the absolute worst example you could possibly pick. Maybe if all the design choices they made were standards instead of idiosyncrasies it would be the greatest UI ever designed, but since almost every single thing they do is different from anything else it is impossible for me to use Blender.

I tried at least four times to get into it (once someone even tried talking me through it step by step) but my only Blender experience has been frustration.

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ps. which is not to say Blender has nothing to teach us, I’m sure there’s lots of little clever shortcuts in there that would really benefit expert users, but if you know of one, please spell it out in full, because I will never be able to find it on my own.

I have to throw my hat in with David on this one. I have tried repeatedly over the years to use Blender and wholeheartedly agree that it is one of the most baffling UI’s I have ever seen. I I’ll watch the video but I’m usually pretty quick to get started with a new program and just give up with Blender. Rhino is the easiest UI I’ve ever come across and want to see no cross-pollination from the mystery that is Blender. What David said!

Rhino UI is simple to me also…
It’s good to hear that actually developers thought about UI improvement.

I think UI is more like a food. its really up to individual preferences. some people like spicy food, some people even like to eat dogs? (joke) anyway, If we spend enough time on a software, any UI will feel comfortable. IMO, currently Rhino UI is more CAD-oriented, which is why everybody who is accustomed to drafting pick it up easily. by comparison, Zbrush UI for me is more like - Photoshop-oriented, so each software develop their own UI because they realize there are huge market targets.

I also use several other software and from what I can say, they always stick to their own UI concept since day 1, which means there is no way 3dsmax somehow adapted Maya’s interface, vice versa, because millions of user already accustomed to it. but I notice, each upgrade they tend to make it simpler, easier to understand for beginner, and more elegant design. (less is more)? some suggestion I can steal from other software includes=

  • Color Coded Icon (for instance, Mesh and NURBS command have different color for its icon, or certain command like dimension, hatching, etc can be in 1 color group.)

  • Context specific command (a command suggestion will pop up if we select certain object) for instance, if we select 2 intersecting curve a “split” or “intersection” command will be added to the “pop up” command

  • Autocomplete command with Icon displayed (just like grasshopper). new user sometimes doesnt know what “booleandifference” means. having the icon displayed alongside with the command text will help them.

but definitely having suggestion from other user from different software background can be interesting, especially (well this is selfish) BIM in revit. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is EXACTLY my experience too. I have tried a lot of software but Blender was the only one that left me hopeless.

You should talk more about UI…Although people have different software exp., it is true that Rhinoceros UI is nowhere near other products. Look at AUTOCAD current version and compare. Rhinoceros is behind. If there is a single person in this forum could say current Rhinoceros UI looks or performs better than AC, I will shut my mouth.

UI is not all about layout, it’s about feeling… How users feel when they drag, typing command, moving toolbars, and managing layers…In a way, it’s like a piece of art IMO. In fact, I am not talking about the way it looks… I am talking about functionality, the logics that satisfy most people.

OK blender sucks, I don’t care… What I care about is not letting Rhinoceros look cheap… feel old… hard to say…

I would certainly say that Rhino’s UI (Win and especially Mac) both looks and performs better than AutoCAD - much better! I use both daily (AutoCAD since 1991 and Rhino since 1997) and AutoCAD, that old dinosaur, irritates me… well… all the time.



I completely agree. Recently I’ve been using autocad for mac and even for 2d drafting, Rhino wins hands down in both UI and performance. The only thing I prefer Acad over Rhino is for its Layout features, and even that is not something I consider good crafted… I really hate Autocad!

Yes, I agree.


I wanted to emphasise that, just to make clear that it is not something I would like to have in Rhino ; )

Did you guys use Autocad 2016? Im not talking about old version. They have changed UI since 2015 I guess

I didn’t use it but I saw the interface. At first glance I took it as one of Adobe products.

Yes, autocad ui isn’t for existing user now!