UI Change Request (or user pref option) when renaming objects

This has been driving me nuts for ever. I just keep forgetting to bring it up.

I dont’ know about you folks but on complicated projects where I’ve created lots of construction geometry as helpers, I tend to rename them to something meaningful and put them on various construction layers specific to some aspect of what I’m working on, so hours or days later when I have to utilize those objects again, I know what they are for. The intent is to make my stuff as self documenting as possible.

At any rate, my issue is with renaming. If I select something, then click in the name field of it’s properties and put in whatever for a name and hit enter, the UI then immeadiately selects and highlights that name…

The problem is my workflow. I draw something, select it, rename it, then typically will immediately follow that with some typed command. What happens, (and I’ve literally been burned by this thousands of times) is because the object name property text edit field still has selected text in it, is my “command” doesn’t take because Rhino thinks I want to rename whatever I just renamed again.

I end up with dozens of objects that instead of being “Horiz Offset from Gear CL” or whatever they are named move, copy, rotate, etc, making the whole effort of trying to name things pointless.

Is there some way we could either alter the UI behavior or have a preference checkbox the we could set so once I name something and hit return the text box no longer keeps the text of the make actively selected?

IT would save a boatload of angst from the constant discoveries of having named something then inadvertently immediately renamed it to something uselsss.

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Yep, I see that, thanks. A similar bug was in NamedSelections -

RH-61720 Properties: Lose focus on the name after Enter


@LewnWorx - totally agree on your wish, Enter should confirm data and leave focus / return focus

@pascal - in the following, linked topic i tried to point on the same / similar issue - at some points the “focus” behaviour of the interface can be improved. maybe RH-61720 can include both topics ?