UDP receiver , how?

Does anyone have informations how to use udp to control slider for example with android phone?
I tried with Firefly and Ghowl with the old android app rhino-grasshopper-controller without success.


Check this video and description (for Ghowl)

I tag n request plugin developer @fraguada for more help and info on this.


Old tutorial with unavailable apps.
There is no simple tutorial with step by step available

Are both devices on the same network?

I find a solution by open UDP port but the data received from osc controler can’t used.

I open another port 50025 and grasshopper controler work but i need to find a way how to use the angles

Yes , i solve this problem
Grasshopper controler don’t have sliders and other osc controlers send maybe encrypted commands
Is there another app work with Ghowl?

Any app that can send udp can work with ghowl’s udp receiver. Have you looked at the example files?

Yes i see check example files.
Right now i don’t find udp app with sliders , i remember time ago i used an app with sliders but i forget its name.
For rotation i use Pufferfish rotate euler

I create udp app with appinventor based on the example shared in this link


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Another test from Android to Grasshopper

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The app is almost ready