Latest grasshopper update causing problems with UDP?

I was using the UDP receiver written in C# by Giulio as linked to on this page:
UDP.ghx (79.8 KB)

It was working very well (yesterday on Rhino 6) until I got a new machine + installed the latest version of Rhino. Could it be a problem with an update to Grasshopper? I’m trying to send long lists of numbers from Processing to Grasshopper via this neat C# tool - but it’s no longer receiving anything. Pls help if anyone knows why this might be happening!

(GHowl and Firefly weren’t giving me the outputs that I needed which is why I was using the above tool)


Wait - I think I got it… Just needed copy pasting into the new C# component in G-hopper as it was previously in a generic and old “script” component. Phew…! Though would still like to know if anyone has updated that neat tool since the version I’m using!