MIDI controllers like Cicada for Grasshopper/Rhino 6?

Hey there, just wondering if anyone is aware of a tool for sending and receiving MIDI info for Grasshopper in Rhino 6? Cicada used to work really well in Rhino 5, but doesn’t seem to work in Rhino 6. I posted on the Food 4 Rhino page for Cicada to see if it can be updated anytime soon, but I think the developer for this plugin has stopped supporting it :cry:

that would be awesome!

I once botched something together by using a CPython script using the midio library to receive the MIDI signals and passing them on the Ghowl in Grasshopper via UDP. Not very convenient as you have to start the external script manually but it worked. I can try to find the code again, if you are interested.

See you