UCount value is not valid for this amount of points

Hello friends,
I’m trying to create a terrain based on my data from GIS. But, when I’m going to make a surface from points and it gives an error regarding to not being corrispondent with my U value. how can I fix it? I’d appreciate your help in advance

mesh terrain posta.gh (6.3 MB)

That’s a classic mistake. Use 250+1.

No I didn’t add any value using 250+1… but I’ll check ur file thanks!

Actually, there is another problem here.
A surface created from points requires an exact grid structure, with no points missing.
The fact that you are removing the null points makes it impossible to build a surface that way. Grasshopper won’t “fill in the gaps” for you.
This comes from null points in the original surface because it’s trimmed.

Here is a way.

mesh terrain posta.gh (6.3 MB)

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yea you’re right actually! I’m afraid to bother u .
But, it gives me another error ; 1. A point in the grid is null. Fitting operation aborted. I’ll appreciate u if you have any idea about it…
mesh terrain posta2.gh (6.3 MB)

You are offsetting outside…
Both have a negative expression but your offset its outside, weird
update your Rhino or just delete the expression.

offset.gh (4.7 KB)

I appreciate, Thank u ! resolved