Two finger pan broken

That didn’t help, got a crash after prefs deleted. I know they were deleted because I had to re-do the license.

I tried to reproduce the error on an even more minimal model (started over with a fresh file) but I can’t reproduce it in that file oddly.

Hey it seems like it might be partly due to some corruption in the 3dm file. Note I have had this issue in many different files so there also seems to be something corrupting the files. Currently my test file only needs to pinch zoom in and out, and a 4View will immediately crash it – no editing needed.

I’ll email the revised test file, just open it and do some pinch zoom in/out for a bit and then try a 4View.
PS in case anyone else wants to try will put the file here as well. (33.9 KB)

I could reproduce the crash with this file and have logged