Twn2CrvsCrv doesn't work

hi @Michael_Pryor
it seems Twn2CrvsCrv doesn’t work in Version 7 SR15
(7.15.22029.15001, 2022-01-29)
Version 7 (13.2 KB)

Seems McNeel changed something I was using, I will have to track it down. For now you can use Tween Through Curves Along Curve which works. Thanks for letting me know.

Version 7 (15.7 KB)


@Michael_Pryor - let me know what you find.

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Same issue here, huge fan of Pufferfish!!

Use the other component. It’s faster anyway. Tween 2 just makes it easier if you have a certain type of data structure.

Rhino7 SR16 randomly made it work again, so update your Rhino.

R7 SR16 fixed it

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I didn’t have a chance to track down what the issue was but was going to today and it works fine again in latest R7 SR16. So all good.