Tween Curves Results

So I have two sets of Polylines and I am trying to find a polyline that is splits the two in half. I thought I could use the TweenCurves command but it’s not giving me the results I am after. In the image below the green curves are the starting curves (this is a simpler example) and the red curve is what I am after. I thought the sample points options would give me what I need, Refit is the closest, but both don’t give me what I need. Any thought on how I could achieve this?

Hi Dennis- SamplePoints = 3 is probably the most ‘accurate’ tween to my eye. If you flip the direction of one of the inputs, or drag the liner-uppers around, you might get to what you’re after with ‘None’.


scale1D would work in this exact scenario… select the bottom curve-> run scale1D-> choose the copy option-> click right point of the top curve-> click right point of bottom curve-> select one-shot osnap ‘between’-> click those two points again.

(or if you know 1/2 the distance between the two mouse clicks, you can just enter that instead of using the one shot osnap etc)

@jeff_hammond Thanks that does work. Unfortunately I dealing with curves like this.

@pascal Um. SamplePoints = 3 doesn’t help me either. Did I miss something. I was actually able to get what I needed in grasshopper though.

Hi Dennis- I know 3 pts is not the result you want - it gives what I think I’d consider to be the most obvious ‘tween’ between a straight line and the jogged polyline - that is, with an angled middle section.


oh. yeah, scale wouldn’t work there.

you need a tween option that allows you to constrain the direction of the tweening :smile:

@jeff_hammond True. Thanks again for the help.