Tween curves by selecting a point between as target path..possible?

I need to tween curves to get a curve between two curves to pass though a point between them.

How is this done ?

Its ‘do-able’ by code no doubt as its mathematically 100% possible.

At the moment I am creating many and picking nearest one, but then its not quite there.


I agree that this command could use a “ThroughPoint” option @pascal

Workaround: Loft between the two curves (or Sweep 2 with a line) to create a surface, then ExtractIsocurve at the desired point/direction.


Nice one, thats a clever workaround.

So much to retain in the cranium.

I shall have to create my own database with various terms I might use and the answers referenced from such.


Actually, the workaround existed before TweenCurves - behind the scenes, the command simply does in one go the procedure we used to do to get intermediate curves before it existed…


Really could do with that option ThroughPoint as with one click job done, selecting curves cloning trimming sweeping the extracting isos took me a little longer .

Will this go onto a wish list or how do we get it onto such ?

Bumping this to pascal again, if only I knew how.



There is no guarantee that a “tween” curve passes through the selected point. One possibility would be for the command to generate the “tween” curve which is closest to the selected point. Mitch’s workaround could be modified to do this:
Loft between the two curves.
Pull the selected point to the lofted surface.
ExtractIsoCurve at the point on the lofted surface.

Sorry I dont see that. Between two curves there would be an infinite number of tweenCurves and as such one has to pass through a point that sits somewhere between the two curves. (In ortho view)


That is only always true if the curves are 2D, and if the curves and the point lie in the same plane.

Ah yes, my curves are planar and the point is in that plane.