Tween curve from bpreb/plane intersection

Hi all,

the tween curves from the intersection curves add for some reasons two more corner points.
Hopfully someone can help to get the right curve interpolation.

contour.3dm (80.0 KB) (8.4 KB)

Its is made in Rhino6 Beta

I checked your intersection lines. There are no additional controll points or something like this. Maybe @Michael_Pryor knows the answer, because it’s his addon.

But if your geometry doesn’t get much more complicated, maybe this helps you around. (6.0 KB)


That’s the gh native tween curves not the one from my plugin. The gh native tween has issues with polyline to polyline tweens which creates corners like that because it uses the isocurve of a ruled surface. My tween is called “Tween Two Curves” and doesn’t have that issue. You can download the plugin here:

Oh sorry. Didn’t looked close enough. I’m sorry!

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Thanks both of you will check your plugin pufferfish.

Great plugin works nice and give the expcected results thanks again.

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