Tween planar curves with planar results?

So a tween between two curves on different planes is going to result in a non-planar curve, I understand that, but if I’m working from two planar curves, is there a way I can force the resulting midway tween into a planar curve as well? I feel like Pufferfish has the tools, advanced curve tweens, and plane tweens but I’m not sure if/how they could be used in conjunction.

My sleuthing between the old and current forums didn’t turn up much but I apologize if I missed something obvious.

tween (4.1 KB) (10.6 KB)

Genius, thank you.

I just noticed the words “with planar results?” in the thread title…

  • The white curve (below) is planar but extends outside the loft.

  • The yellow curve is an intersection of the PlFit (Plane Fit) and Loft. (19.3 KB)

Swp2 (Sweep 2) is an alternative to Loft.

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Works wonderfully, you had me fooled on the first one, it looked planar in your image. Thank you again.