Tween Curve Along Curve

Hi, can anybody explain that why tweencrv fails? (pufferfish) I thought it might be something related to seam correction but it didn’t work out.
Any help would be appreciated

tweencrvalongcrv.3dm (30.8 KB) (28.7 KB)

I suppose that you mean by failing is that your curves are not flat and not on plane XY …
There is a problem with the direction of the curve so used a flip.
I used a classical Tween curves from Grasshopper

I also added a shift in curves to mimic Pufferfish (19.9 KB)

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Hi. What is failing? It seems to be working. Were you expecting results like @laurent_delrieu? Tween curves along curve follows the curve tangents direction, not horizontality (world axis)

Also you don’t need to rebuild the curve that’s what the P input is for.

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Thanks for the help that was exactly what i meant.

Yes something like that except the xyplane, I had to use the flip curve and adjust the seam for it two work. By the way thanks for the great work with the Pufferfish.

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