Tween between Curve - Issue

Hi Guys,
I am facing a very basic issue. When using a tween between curves command, if the curves are little distorted it gives me weird results as you can see in the bottom geometry. Whereas if the curves are smooth the tween works perfectly.

  1. Why does this happens? Is is a glitch?
  2. Is there any other command to get a better result?

HI Rohan,
have you tried to rebuild the two curves with same degree and number of points?
I would also align the seam points and direction…

I’ve made some tests and when the two curves don’t have the same curvature (like in your example) the TweenCrv give a bad result.
Changing the “Match Method” and rebuilding the curves give a little better result but don’t solve.
The only way I found is to split the two curves in the points where the curvature “invert” so Rhino is forced to give a “good” result.

But this is a workaround… some improvements should be made in the command to be more “automatic”.