Tween along curve

(Kyle Houchens) #1

Dale at mcneel wrote this cool script for tweening down a curve.

make a path, make a start curve and a different shaped end curve and >poof< tween along a curve!

command ‘ArrayCrvTween’

download and drag and drop to a rhino window to load-


enjoy! ArrayCrvTween.rvb(4.2 KB)

(Dale Fugier) #2

Here is a permanent link:


Greetings Kyle, @theoutside and @dale

This is intriguing but I am wondering if you can give us an example of how to use it?

Thank you.

(Kyle Houchens) #4

Off the top of my head, start with a circle at one end of a curve and a rounded rectangle at the other end of a curve, tween along curve between them and then loft the result with history…use it to make a cool handle for a tool or something like that. adjust the curves in between to sculpt the loft with history- can use to to create a smooth shape that would be tough to lay out by hand-


thank you