Tutorial on layout?

Is there a written tutorial or example of layouts? I have used Rhino quite a bit over the last couple of years, but for some reason I have trouble getting layouts working and I’d like to try again with the WIP. I prefer something written as opposed to videos. I’m on a limited data plan for internet connection and I’ve found the videos difficult to see the detail. A simple example file in Rhino would be great if someone can share one. I learn well by example.

Hi Joe - there’s much that can go on in a layout. Is there anything specific that you are trying to get done and that you are having problems with?

Okay. Yes. I do mostly ornamental ironwork so the usual views work well for me. But I also sometimes make tooling where it would be good to have the old fashioned views that I learned in school a hundred years ago along with a title block. Is that one thing I can do with layouts?
Another thing I’d like to do but unsure it is possible would be to pull out certain sections of a complex design for printing by themselves.

This is a good tutorial for Layouts:

Thanks, John.
Spent some time with it. I think I know enough to be dangerous now. Many thanks.