Turntable command

Has the Turntable command for RhinoMac been implemented yet.

I while ago in a previous WIP version I saw the 360 degree icon in the Set View toolbar, but it is no longer there. I can also not find it in Menu/View/Set Camera/Turntable

If the command has been implemented, where do I find it?

This is one of the commands left to be added… see

Any updates on this? It would be great to have this command on Mac.


They have moved the turntable options in Windows, but it seems the mac version is still lacking this tool?

Dag Max -

That seems to be the case, yes, and I can’t find an issue tracker to get this implemented. Have you looked at the turntable animation tool that is available on the Mac?

Yes, but i’m looking for a way to constantly animate the viewport itself. Also helps for visualisation purposes while working with Grasshopper.

Hoi Max -

I’ve put it on the list as RH-67745.