Turntable animation on Mac not working

I use Rhinoceros 5.0 Wenatchee 2013-12-23 (493) under Mac OS 10.9.1.


  1. I have imported an STL model (see below for a picture).
  2. I set up a turntable animation with all values on default, except Capture method: RenderedViewport.
  3. I record the animation.
    Then, in Documents\Animation, a file Animation.html together with a series of JPEG files gets created.


(a) The JPEGs are all the same (no turntable motion).
(b) They are heavily distorted (sheared; see second picture below).

The rendered object (statically, no animation):

First frame of the saved animation:

What did I do wrong?

When I choose RenderFull as Capture method, I repeatedly get the error message

Unknown or unimplemented command
_-SaveRenderWindowAs not implemented

and the turntable also does not turn (the render window is always showing the same picture), but at least the pictures look good.

Any advice would be appreciated.


The message “Unknown or unimplemented command” means that the SaveRenderWindowAs command has not yet been implemented for the mac. This command is used to capture the rendering to a file. Also I’ll bet the Turntable command or whatever is being used to make the view rotate has not been implemented yet either.

@dale, did you see this?