Animation Toolbar on the mac version - Cannot locate it

Does anyone know where this toolbar is located? Thank you.

Rhino for Mac does not have an animation toolbar.

Thank you Dan. Any recommendations on what to use in the meantime to do a simple…

turntable animation
set path animation
fly through animation

of a product or logo design?

Thanks again,
Sean Connors

Windows Rhino on a Bootcamp partition would be my recommendation.
Then you’ll have the other missing production tools too.

A victim of success here. I am getting requests for animations of my Rhino models. Is this feature going to come into play in the near future?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a timeline for basic animation features in Rhino for Mac.

Thanks for the update. I have to say that this would not be really high on my priority list. I’d like to see the new and improved Make2d.

The new Make2D won’t be in Rhino (Windows or Mac) until V6.