Is it possible to convert a grasshopper document to a standalone Rhino Plugin?

First post, and I beg moderator forgiveness if I’m in the wrong thread.

A little background. I work in a large corporate environment with a few hundred CAD modellers and there has been a huge push to standardize the way a certain, relatively complex, thing is modeled. Rhino experience across the company ranges from ‘built a screw in highschool’ to ‘check out this functioning SR71 strat assembly’. As a solution I’ve built the whole thing out in Grasshopper, the user selects a group of block instances, a couple of curves, and all geometry is generated around the block instances to our manufacturing SOP.

The problem is that my company is taking a very hard line stance against having Grasshopper installed on a few hundred workstations (claiming legal concerns??? whatever). I have EXTREMELY limited coding knowledge and I would otherwise be inclined to write a plugin to handle everything. If worse comes to worse I’ll seek out help on that end, but if anyone knows of a way to get from .gh to .rhi and not require grasshopper installed on the machine to work I would be your new best friend.

Nope, you will always need Grasshopper to run a *.gh file. You can ‘publish’ some inputs like sliders to the Remote Control Panel and control a file (in a very limited way) thus, but you’ll never get an actual plugin out of it.

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It is almost certainly possible to implement the general logic without GrassHopper. Just not the GrassHopper definition itself.

What can’t be done with GrassHopper components can generally be done with code (C#, VB.NET or GhPhyton), and if GrassHopper is a no-no that very same code can be ported to a Rhino-plugin written in C# or VB.NET (perhaps even in Python, but that I have no knowledge about). Just like many standard commands in Rhino are written with C# or VB.NET.

Hopefully the picking/selecting ofa Block and curves to start from isn’t too complex, but even long series of interactive questions on the Command Line can be asked so that the user picks his reference geometry in the right order.

But no fancy Grasshopper diagrams without Grasshopper being installed., no.

// Rolf

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Thank you guys. That’s honestly about what I expected. My head just works better with visuals, but I’ve done some C# for Gh, it’s just a big scary world to me. I’ll probably be able to find help none the less. Thanks again.

RhinoCommon will be your friend. And a bunch of example code snippets

Good luck!

// Rolf

Get them to update to RH6 and GH will be included out-of-the-box.