Turn off points from CRVEND and CRVSTART?

This is probably a basic question but i was trying to narrow down why a curve wasn’t closed, used the selopen crv command to determine the open curves, then the crv end and crv start command to figure out where the opening was. Anyway, i solved the issue but the crv end and start command created various points on the model (i accidentally used the command on all the open curves) and i can’t find an easy way to turn these points off. This really slows down the process when producing drawings from the Make 2D command and complicates the model unnecessarily. Any help would be appreciated

You can’t “turn off” the points created by CrvStart and CrvEnd, as they are real point objects created by the command and added to the file - they are not just display points. To delete all visible/selectable points in the file, use SelPt and then Delete.

If you are using V6, instead of using CrvStart/End, you can try the new ShowEnds command which displays endpoints with a dialog that is much like ShowEdges and which can be turned off afterwards.