Turn on endpoints?

sorry for silly question, but i used this a lot in mastercam and can’t seem to find it. i often want to see all endpoints in view temporarily. is there an endpoints on shortcut or command somewhere?


No, unfortunately there is not - but that actually might be quite useful. Right now you can only turn all control points of an object, not just the ends. About the only thing you can do is duplicate the start/end points with the command CrvStart and CrvEnd, but that will create actual point objects that you will need to delete (or Undo) after.


that’s a shame. it is really helpful in finding overlapping ends on curves and splines created in other software. i use i a lot when building abstract shapes with spline and known arcs.

thanks for the suggestion. in mc you can turn them on and then have the option to save them if you need to.

Let’s make it a wish for v6! EndPointsOn/Off?

@pascal Yes, I would support this… --Mitch

Hi All- I put something on the bugtracker a while ago to just include curves in ShowEdges, would that work? I’ll see if I can find that, for the magical day when the bug tracker becomes public…



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i can’t view that link, but i would love to see endpoints on/off toggle.

It’s always a good idea to have a few magical days to look forward to…