Turn off context sensitive properties for text, hatches etc

Hi, I use Rhino mainly for architectural drafting and this little thing is taking me a lot of extra clicks;

For example, I want to change the layer or change the linetype of a hatch or a dimension line through the properties panel. Rhino then switches automatically to the settings, of these objects not allowing me to stay in the general object properties.

Is there a way to turn this ‘smart’ feature off? It would save me a lot of extra clicks :wink:


Hi Jasper - I know that behavior is a mixed belssing at times - as far as I know there is no way to turn it off, but it seems like a good candidate for an Options > Advnaced setting. I do not know if that is possible but I’ll add it to the pile.


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thanks Pascal. I noticed the command ‘PropertiesPage’ allowing selection of the page you want to display on the properties panel. I was thinking of making this default to Object somehow but seems a bit too much of a hack. I’ll look into the advanced settings first.