Turn off autocomplete when pasting text in command line

Is there a way to turn off autocompletion when copy-pasting text into the command line? I have a command where one can enter text. But when you paste text in the command line it immediately goes to the next step as if enter was pressed. I’d like to give the user the option to add more text after pasting the text. Is this possible?

I’ll take a wild guess as I only tried with RhinoScript, but you can get the user custom command as GetString, and after Paste happens, use SendKeyStrokes (with False for Enter) to print the result into the command line.
Looks like autocomplete still kicks in, but the command does not execute so user can keep typing:

Dim s : s = Rhino.GetString("Paste custom command here")
Call Rhino.SendKeystrokes(chr(34) & s, False)
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