TT Toolbox tab won't show up

Hi All,

I’ve recently tried to install TT Toolbox version 1.9 from the below site. I followed the installation instructions but the tab and components haven’t shown up. When I checked the properties of the gha. file, there was no option to “unblock”.

To install:

  • In Grasshopper, choose File > Special Folders > Components folder. Save the .gha file and all other included .dll files there.
  • Right-click on each .gha and .dll file > Properties > ‘Unblock’.
  • Restart Rhino and Grasshopper

Thank you,


Hi Luke -

The file that you download is a zip file. I would unblock that file before unzipping.
Other than that, the F4R page only mentions Rhino 4 and 5… I don’t use that plug-in so I don’t know if it works for Rhino 6 - it probably does…

I am using Rhino 7 and experiencing similar issues, can it be assumed there is no compatibility? If so what would the solution be? I am wracking my brains here!!