How to unify normals when evaluating a surface

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I am trying to make patch surfaces from a set of curves generated from 3d points. As you can see the scaled curves need to move in a normal direction at a certain distance in order to achieve the curved patch sufaces. This was achieved by evaluating the surface with the centre points.

However, the resulted normals in the evaluate the surface were inconsistent which resulted in the patch surfaces in different directions.

is there anyway to unify the normals?

Many thanks
yutakaunify (30.8 KB) unify (30.8 KB)

We’ve been discussing this here…

Please share if you find a good solution.

You can use FlipSurface and input Guide geometry so perhaps if you can create a plane on each face that has the Z axis in the direction you want the face normal then you can use the FlipSurface component?

File attached is an experiment, not a solution! Someone on here must know how to do this though!

Aligning Normals Exercise (13.6 KB)

Have a look at the attachment.

unify normals (50.2 KB)

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Strange… I get a different result but I’m on R5…

Hi Martynjhogg

Thanks for you suggestions, I will try to work out a solution based on the suggestions to share.
Afterall , working on different planes have always been an ordeal!

Hi HS Kim

Thank you for your suggestion, it worked fine until I tried to increase the number of curves to >20 , say 100 (generated by voronoi) and the patch surface would not work anymore. Could it be due to the complexity ? (please see the attached file)

unify normals _re_100 (1.4 MB)