Trying to increase the diameter of a 3D Helix

Hello all, I’m learning grasshopper (slowly so please forgive!) and am trying to understand how these components all interact. I have a setup that produces a 3D helix, but I’m not sure how to alter the diameter of the helix.

I can’t post pictures yet, but I’m following the instructions in the Grasshopper primer located here:

(Pages 72-73)

I wanted to experiment but don’t yet understand the elements well enough yet. Can anyone offer and component suggestions or advice?

many thanks!

in order to alter the diameter of the helix you need to multiply sin and cos by a constant (which is the radius of the helix itself)


something like this might work: (10.5 KB)

Hey thanks inno!

Have replicated this and it works great.

I could have sworn I had tried multiplying the sin and cos but looking back I think I made the mistake of putting it before the sin and cos elements forehead slap.

Thanks again!

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