Trying to import a Sub D model to Mudbox

I am trying to take a Sub D model created in Rhino and then add texture/additional sculpting in MudBox. I have tried it with exporting the basic SubD mesh and a higher resolution mesh (using quad remesh). When I bring the file into Mubdox it’s always quite distorted. When I try to remesh it, it says that it can’t be done because the model was not created through catmull clark subdivision.

Any tips on how I should be formatting my Rhino models so that they can be manipulated in Mudbox?

Thanks so much!

Hi @Lmars ,

It’s been a long while since I used Mudbox but I’d try using the ExtractControlPolygon command to get the base “level 0” mesh from the SubD in Rhino. Then Export that as an obj. Maybe that is what you already tried? Alternately, the Mesh command has a slider in it to choose the level of subdivision the mesh created from the SubD will have. All the way to the left is one subdivision of the control polygon.

This should allow you to sub-divide and sculpt that mesh in Mudbox. I have been using this workflow in ZBrush for years and Nomad Sculpt on an iPad most recently.

Hi @BrianJ,

Thanks so much for getting back to me! I tried that out and I installed Nomad Sculpt on my iPad (too much fun). Unfortunately, I’m still having trouble adding texture to an existing model. Here’s the model, maybe there’s something in it that you can see that would be causing the issue.

Thanks again!!

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Hi @Lmars ,

Are you asking about how to sculpt more detail in Nomad on an obj which came from Rhino? Did the obj come in as you expected there? Your original question mentioned distortion of the model going from Rhino to MudBox as obj and then a MudBox error message when attempting to subdivide that mesh there. I just want to make sure I understand your current question. From the looks of it, I think you just need to decide how you are creating more polygons on the mesh in Nomad… there are several choices in the app.