Trying to generate 3d printer tool paths for a gyroid


I am trying to generate 3d printing tool paths directly from an iso surface (a gyroid), instead of the more traditional method of generating a solid and processing it with a slicer. This is because I want to print the gyroid as a single perimeter print.

Once I have an object described as a stack of polylines (one or more polylines for each layer, and each segment in the line is one printer head movement), its easy to turn that into valid GCode (3d printer code) using the Droid grasshopper plugin, or by hand with a bit of python.

Now my problem is that I don’t know how to take the iso surface and turn it into a stack of polylines 0.2mm distant from each other.

The file contains both a parametric gyroid (credits to Gyroid Minimal Surface (Grasshopper Tutorial) - YouTube) and a half-cylinder built as a stack of polyline to clarify what I am trying to achieve

Any help is greatly appreciated. (20.4 KB)

To slice you can use Mesh Plane component and move the plane very 0.2 mm

But you will not have a :

gyroid-question sliced .gh (20.9 KB)

Thank Laurent, this is an excellent solution!

Also kudos for going the extra mile and setting up the slice plane from the bounding box.