Trying to evaluate curve, but sort of as attracter

Here I’m trying to do a more advanced evaluate curve, but spacing the points based on their distances from corresponding points on an adjacent curve, in order to tune the spacing by adjusting the adjacent curve. As often, first thought was it would be easy with closest point or scaling, combined with evaluate curve, though every method I’ve tried I run into a showstopper.

Ultimately what I am looking for is if after the distance function, if it output still 11 distances, but with each distance being added to all of the previous distances, then remap to 0-1, so it will work with evaluate curve. But there has to be a smart way to do this that I am not figuring out.
Evaluate (19.7 KB)

Something like this is what you want?

Evaluate (14.6 KB)

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Nice thank you! Funny it was staring me right in the face, the partial results from mass addition! Thanks again! Jay