"True" Bridge between Rhino and RizomUV?

Thank you @AlanMattano for showing me RizomUV in the past. I checked it recently and am totally in love with this software :slight_smile:

For some time now I am playing with Rizom UV and I am amazed by how something considered as boring and diffucult can actually be fun and easy.

There are some bridges to connect Rhino and Rizom - AM Mesh Bridge by Alan Mattano and one done by Origami Digital Software.
Origami solution is just a script to export/import temporary mesh object - so we get back a new object, not edited old one.
Bridge made by Mattano is also working with the meshes only.

It would be fantastic if we could send the underlying render mesh of NURBS objects to RizomUV and do our mapping job here. There are programs that have bridges with Rizom but I didn’t have a chance to test them yet.

I don’t know how much is possible with RizomUV SDK, I just wanted to plant the seed by sharing this wish for RizomUV & Rhino uncompromised bridge.


its perfect idea …


Hope that it is a timesaver!

There are some problems working with surfaces. For example, if you rebuild the NURBS or surfaces you lose all the work done over the UV mapping.

YES! UV mapping is very important